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The energy transition has brought on a new energy crisis

We are currently witnessing the beginning of a prolonged structural energy crisis caused by a poor understanding of what energy is and a lack of knowledge of our dependence on fossil fuels.

European Auto Manufacturers - Value Stocks or Value Traps?

The European auto industry has for several years seen significant secular headwinds from a technology change that will also challenge the business models of the auto industry in the next decade.

Themed Investments

Our investment philosophy is a simple one: our experience tells us that to make a difference as an investor you need to have a different approach than most other investors.

The End Of 35 Years Of Secular Disinflation?

2016 proved a difficult year for our global products. The reversion in interest rates had a massive impact on factor and sector performance globally. Value outperformed growth as a more benign reflationary – if not outright inflationary– environment was priced in. The big question as we enter 2017 is whether the rise in interest rates is cyclical or secular.

Different Currents Affecting The Direction Of China

We visited China on two occasions this fall, and though the picture has been very mixed, the bottom-line is that the economy is doing what it’s supposed to do – rebalance away from fixed asset investments and industrial production towards private consumption and services.